Front view of the TEI of Piraeus main building

Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (PUAS)


Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (former TEI Piraeus) was initially established in 1976. Since that time it has continuous development and maintains a leading position among the technological institutes of the country.

The institute provides a high level of technological education combined with research in specific areas. PUAS reserves standing partnerships with other domestic and foreign educational and research institutes in order to continuously improve the level of the studies and research. PUAS participates actively in several national and European Union programs for international cooperation, research and dissemination of knowledge.

The campus of Piraeus University of Applied Sciences is in the area of the ancient Academy of Plato, in an olive grove of 100,000 sq. m. The institute is located between the port of Piraeus and in the Athens city center. Regular bus services and the blue metro line connect the University to the centers of Athens and Piraeus and the rest of Attica.

Piraeus University of Applied Sciences offers 10 undergraduate and 20 postgraduate programs in various fields of engineering and economy. In total about 15.000 students are registered and ca 400 persons comprise the academic staff on  permanent and contract positions. Besides them 200 persons in administrative and supporting positions serve the operation of the University. The graduates of the university serve successfully many sectors of the industrial and services sectors of the Greek and international economy.